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Unsolicited Praise...

Melissa is so greatly intuitive, I know anytime I am faced with a challenge I can turn to her and she will provide insight that gives me peace of mind. Recently I was faced with a dilemma over whether I should switch jobs after 5 years, and Melissa guided me in the right direction, her intuition never fails! It is great knowing she is always on your side and availble to help! I am so grateful!
— C
Thanks so much for today. I feel SO much better. I’m grounded, present ad peaceful.
— Dr. S
I feared my beloved beagle Snoop was taking a turn for the worse and would have to be put to sleep. I frantically called Melissa and she spoke directly to Snoop. EVERYTHING that Melissa told me was 100% accurate. I took him to the vet and he was indeed ill, but despite being 15 yrs. old, was not dying. He recovered from his illness in 48 hrs. and has more energy than ever. He even told Melissa about the new blanket I had just bought him! And she assured him I was not going away again, which seemed to help him relax.
— Tennille White
Melissa lovingly guided me through an extremely difficult time of crisis. Her energy work is grounded in love and absolutely magical. Her intuitive abilities never cease to blow me away! She taught me to connect with my angels (despite my initial apprehension to the concept) and it is one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels in need of some guidance, healing, peace or clarity. Melissa, herself, is an angel!
— V
I just wanted to say thank you so much!  Our last session has helped me deal with something very difficult.  Without it, I’m sure I would be doing much much worse.  For that, I will always be grateful that my path lead me in your direction.  It’s comforting to know that I also have a connection to J through you.
Thanks again, see you soon.
— T
With Thanksgiving coming up, this also reminds me that I want to tell you that I am VERY Thankful for you.  You have been a real live teacher, guide, mentor, therapist, and so many other things and I appreciate you for being such a warm and loving part of my life path!

Thanks a million
— H
Thanks Melissa. Great working with you. I’m already feeling free....
— L
Thank you so much for meeting me yesterday! Your gift and service is such a beautiful thing- thank you for the healing, direction, guidance... have not the words yet, but the intuition to know what a life changing experience it was/will be come... 
Also, I ordered the books you recommended- cannot wait! 
All my gratitude, love, joie!
— J
Just wanted to say thanks once again for your time last weekend.  I have become somewhat at ease with this or maybe more aware.  The fear has subsided a little as well.  ( a little bit.)  Since our meeting, I have had letters, names, crows, music, pictures etc. come to me as well as a few burnt out light bulbs and tons of clarity.  So maybe you are right.. kidding.. :)  I have definitely used the chant you gave me regarding GOD, LIGHT, LOVE, and POWER.  That seems to help.  As well as meditating on feeling my aura more.  It was actually pretty cool when my hands starting vibrating like beams of light were poaring out of them.  Well either way, thank you.  You and I were supposed to meet and I am very happy you were the messenger.  You have a sense of calmness and stillness inside of you with a little bit of kid too. (big fan of that.)  Just thought I’d let you know incase you were curious.  Have a great weekend and hopefully see you sooner than later.
— A
I just wanted to thank you again! I really feel lucky and so fortunate that our paths crossed, and am so grateful for all your insight, knowledge, time, research, help, etc. Our time today was magical (!) as usual and I feel like each time we meet a new layer of important connections are forged. The research you did on magicians for me is amazing and I am so grateful. I continuously send you, and your dog my love and positivity, and I appreciate all of yours so very much.

You are so special, and I am so excited I know you. Thank you! I will be back to see you soon!
— J
I am blessed with all the communication with my beloved daughter that is absolutely amazing. As I laughed and cried last night and this morning...I MUST share the daily devotion message I flipped to...
I witness everything with love
Enlightenment is my 24-hour-a-day job.
— C.C.
First, thank you SO much for your call yesterday. It meant the world to me! …and yes I do believe in the after-life. What ever some want to “label” it and yes I do believe the Passed can communicate and protect us from the other-side. Oh you just don’t know what it meant when you said, “wooden jewelry box”, ONLY Adam & I knew about it, :) Thank you, Thank you! xox
— Aaron Bauers
I just wanted to send a note of thank you. I…do not deal well with change. I was so anxiety ridden last night with this decision that I was close to crazy! Of course, my first instinct this morning was to call…listen to…comforting advice but also your insight. I think you have a fantastic gift and you use it in the best way. Thank you tons for providing some information and making me more confident in my decision. I think the most difficult issue was to accept that this new place was going to be a good thing, I had to see it from that aspect rather than a scary change. Anyway, I really praise you a thousand times over, you don’t know how good it was to hear your perspective. THANK YOU!!!!!
— Caroline Del Favero

Past Life Regression

The experience to have a past life regression was key to where I’m at in my life. It’s amazing how powerful this exercise is and how much it tells about our current life experience. Melissa is definitely gifted and she is so connected that it is breath-taking to witness her manifesting her abilities. I was also present when a friend of mine had a reading and the way Mel took all of us to that special place and felt the presence of loved ones that have passed to the other side also really helped my friend to understand and feel better about his own life. Melissa is truthfully a channel and we are blessed to have her in this lifetime as a guide!
— Summer Romero
Yesterday was nothing short of extraordinary...after yesterday there has been a seismic shift in my internal worldview. You were such a perfect guide – I could never have gone there without you.  I will always be so grateful to you.
(After researching her findings...)  This is like some incredible novel or movie – not real life.  Oh my God Melissa, this is just a shock seeing it in black and white!!!   I got chills when I read the entire thing.  I just can’t believe it.  Thank you so much for this precious most incredible gift.  You must be an extraordinary person to be able to facilitate these regressions.  I am so grateful to have met you.  Only you will understand this – but I feel such an inner courage and confidence that was not there before.  ver have Peace and God’s grace upon you.
— C

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