Energy Transformation

Shifting the balance...

Have you been experiencing frequent arguments or a general unsettled feeling? Have you moved recently? Let me assist you in transforming your space into a tranquil sanctuary. I will clear and cleanse your personal environment, work area and any other space you feel has less than the highest vibration. Very effective for quickly and safely buying or selling a home!

I am also adept at energy correction of inanimate objects. Have an attitudinal antique dresser? Using psychometry to get to the root of the problem, I will set the item straight.

Clearing, Cleansing and Blessing Spaces on Location:

$125 per hour (travel extra)

Set a crystal clear intention for the manifestation of prosperity, health, love… whatever is your heart’s true desire. My crystal family and I can attract the flow of energy you seek. Using ancient methods and angel guidance, we can create the life you want. Truly.

Setting Intentions:


Depending on where, how and the ceremony involved.
For protection, luck, good decisions, proper prosperity, health, love…

I can also work with you to facilitate inner transformations as well. I’ll teach you medically endorsed relaxation, breathing and stress reduction techniques, coupled with meditation guidance and grounding techniques to work with you to gain inner peace…which sometimes seems elusive.

Among my tools for healing are guided chakra clearing and cleansing, as well as ethereal cord cutting. Through my sacred relationship with the Divine I also use Angel intercession for healing.

Energy Work:

$65 First Time, $60 Repeat Clients - 30 min