Psychic Readings: People & Pets

Intuitive arts… Working with the unseen...

A reading is a gift you give yourself to assure that you are on the path you agreed to before incarnating. Your soul is eternal, and so are the souls of your loved ones. Let me assist you in reuniting with your Higher Self by intuiting your life lesson or purpose. Our loved ones often have messages of assurance or guidance, or merely want to validate for us that they continue to exist on another plane, still very much aware of our lives. Find out what messages they have for you.

Tools for successful navigation through life- never lose keys or anything else of importance, make decisions more easily, increase success- I can teach you these skills easily through “grounding.”

I seem to have a wonderful affinity with beloved pets who have crossed, and rascally living ones, as well. Let me “check-in” with your pet to see what makes them happy, sad, anxious. Animal Readings are quick and fun. Warning: Dogs are MUCH more talkative than cats!

Readings, Pet Communication, and Mediumship: 

First Time - $125 60 min, $65 30 min, $185 90 min

Repeat Clients -  $115/$60/$165

                                                                                                  $25 extra person fee per hour


Coaching, $110 an hour

Phone readings available

Included with all readings are written recommendations. Email support is available for $25

First time clients please book via email: || email me

Energy Transformation

Shifting the balance...

Have you been experiencing frequent arguments or a general unsettled feeling? Have you moved recently? Let me assist you in transforming your space into a tranquil sanctuary. I will clear and cleanse your personal environment, work area and any other space you feel has less than the highest vibration. Very effective for quickly and safely buying or selling a home!

I am also adept at energy correction of inanimate objects. Have an attitudinal antique dresser? Using psychometry to get to the root of the problem, I will set the item straight.

Clearing, Cleansing and Blessing Spaces on Location:

$125 per hour (travel extra)

Set a crystal clear intention for the manifestation of prosperity, health, love… whatever is your heart’s true desire. My crystal family and I can attract the flow of energy you seek. Using ancient methods and angel guidance, we can create the life you want. Truly.

Setting Intentions:


Depending on where, how and the ceremony involved.
For protection, luck, good decisions, proper prosperity, health, love…

I can also work with you to facilitate inner transformations as well. I’ll teach you medically endorsed relaxation, breathing and stress reduction techniques, coupled with meditation guidance and grounding techniques to work with you to gain inner peace…which sometimes seems elusive.

Among my tools for healing are guided chakra clearing and cleansing, as well as ethereal cord cutting. Through my sacred relationship with the Divine I also use Angel intercession for healing.

Energy Work:

First Time $65, Repeat Clients $60  - 30 min

Please book via email: || email me

Life/Soul Purpose Coaching

Intuitive Soul Coaching… Transform Your Life...

Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling can help you rediscover your soul, reminding you of the Divine Love you are always connected to and guided by. Helping others break patterns of self-abuse is my specialty.

In each of us there is a Divine inner voice of infinite wisdom, available to you at all times. Many call this energy a guide, the voice of God, your unconscious mind, or angels. I will help you connect with this energy; it is your God-given right.

Let me introduce you to an archetype or person on the Other Side that will serve as your creative muse. Using the Divine, Angels, and all the tools in my toolbox, we can move you into your Highest Good.

Utilizing Jungian theories, psychic skill, and solid stress relieving techniques, I evaluate your current blocks and begin shifting the energy. Showing you your energy on the Aura Machine is validating. You ARE an energy being! Some other tools for healing are guided meditations, energy work including Reiki and Native American techniques, and crystal work. I will clear your chakras and aura, balancing you, and setting new intentions.

Soul Counseling, Coaching, Psychic Readings, & Mediumship

First Time - $125 60 min / $65 30 min / $185 90 min

Repeat Clients - $115 / $60 / $165


 Special pricing for coaching (2 sessions or more a month)

Phone consultations available


Reiki is an proven method of balancing and healing both our physical and spiritual bodies, and auras, which occupy a three foot radius around us at all times. My clients have experienced amazing transformations in all areas of their lives with regular Reiki tune-ups. I also teach and attune people to Reiki energy.

Reiki Hands-on or Remote Healing

First Time - $65, Repeat Clients - $60 (per half hour)


Please book via email: || email me

Reiki Training and Attunement

Reiki training is a lifelong gift to yourself and those you love, even your pets!!

Reiki 1 Training and Attunement -  $200

Reiki II - $225

Reiki III Master/Teacher Training  - $325


For more information on Reiki Training and Attunement: || email me

Past Life Regression

Dr. Brian Weiss discusses why past life regressions are so important to healing:

A couple of reasons.  First, it helps with your fear of death.  When you know that you’ve lived before and you will again and that you’ll be reunited with your loved ones, you don’t fear death so much, so life becomes more important.  You can focus more on joy and peace and happiness now. You don’t have so many fears.

Another important reason is that it can get rid of symptoms. Just like Catherine (the lady who was featured in Many Lives, Many Masters) when she remembered drowning, she got rid of the fear of choking or gagging and the fear of water.  Hypnosis is just focusing the concentration.  You don’t go anywhere.  So if I hypnotized you and I said, “Go back and remember your 12th birthday party or your 8th birthday party” and you did, with detail, that would be hypnosis.  You don’t actually go back to the age of 12 or 10 or 8, you just remember. -Dr. Brian Weiss

First Time - $240 non-client, Repeat Clients - $220 (2 hours)

Please book via email: || email me

Aura Chakra Therapy

Energy is very real, and seeing is believing. My special Auratherapy system measures your own unique electromagnetic field with a bio feedback hand sensor.  We'll capture the size, color and shape of your aura and chakra system. Includes printed report.

$85 (30 min)


I also offer highly effective couples counseling, and I can marry you! Come learn a common language, loving language for navigating your relationship with heart, not ego.

3 sessions $325         Marriage Ceremony $350       I have even traveled for ceremonies. Let's talk!